High Frequency Professional Device with Led Control & 4 Electrode Glass Tubes - Argon Violet gas

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High Frequency is one of the best and most underrated skincare tools out there.

It helps acne and scarring go away fast! But it also has other benefits.

How often can you use high frequency?
Use daily until skin condition improves then once a week for maintenance treatments.

How long do you use high frequency per session?
Use your high frequency device for 15 seconds per area or 5 minutes max per face per session.

Should you use a high frequency wand on top of skincare?
You can but it’s not necessary. Use on clean skin.

Can you use high frequency with botox or fillers-

Common areas of treatment include the face, neck and scalp but high frequency can be used on the entire body including the back.

What's in the box
X1 High Frequency Device
X4 Glass Tubes
X1 Adapter

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