Sky TS Clear Adhesive Glue (5ml with Pouch)

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Sky Glue TS was designed for use with coloured lashes in order to create a seamless finish.

Clear lash adhesives have also become a go-to for professional technicians who have clients with sensitivities due to the removal of the black pigment.
With a super fast drying time and incredible 5-6 weeks retention, Sky Glue TS is the industry's best-performing clear eyelash extension adhesive.

Drying time: 1-2 seconds
Retention Period: 5-6 weeks
Colour: Clear
Volume: 5ml
Latex & Formaldehyde Free & Approved by ITQA
Ideal Application Conditions: 74-82F with humidity of RH 50-70%

Before and during use:
- This glue is not suitable for applying cluster/strip lashes
- Shake well before use (for the 30s – 60s)

What's in the box
  • 1 x sky TS glue in a protective pouch
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